Friday, July 8, 2016

It's not complicated just complex

Foundationally life on this Earth is goodness that is shrouded in a shadow of evil. Similar to the truth that light can exist without a shadow; a shadow can't exist without light. Evil is the absence of goodness. In that vein the world is getting darker, which in turn makes the light more pronounced and appear to shine brighter.

The two questions individuals must ask themselves 1. Am I a representative of the light/good or darkness/evil in this world, and 2. What am I doing to reduce the shadows and darkness to be a reflection of the light/good?

The concept is not complicated but it can be complex when your view of a situation is overshadowed by your individual desire  and self interest to attain instant gratification.

In light of the recent events (no pun intended) of mass shootings, political corruption, computer hacking, and much more I would highly recommend we all pause to reflect on the two previously mentioned questions and work toward doing good to one another. Love thy neighbor (goodness) requires you to exercise your free will as a citizen for the declaration of our republic to work. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.